Why Choose Folding Arm Awnings?

In the coastal region of Wollongong and the Illawarra, weather patterns range from mild and cool winters, influenced by the ocean, to warm, hot, and humid summers. For locals eager to enjoy their pool and backyard areas during the summer months, protection from harsh UV rays is essential. Additionally, with the rise of alfresco dining in the Illawarra's outdoor restaurants and cafes, creating a pleasant, shaded, and comfortable environment for guests has become increasingly important. This is where Bella Folding Arm Awnings step in.

Whether for residential or commercial use, our Folding Arm Awnings offer a premium, contemporary shade solution built to withstand the elements. Perfectly suited for open outdoor spaces like pool areas, these Folding Arm Awnings provide an ideal solution for shade and shelter, optimising space and protecting against the sun and other elements. With the option for motorisation available for added convenience, you can effortlessly expand your living area without the need for support posts underneath or requiring council approval.

Folding Arm Awnings

Product Information


  • Crank Operated
  • Motorisation


We can customise:

  • Custom Powder Coated Most Colours
  • Cassette Options (Open style, semi-cassette or full cassette)
  • Wind Sensor
  • Smart Hub


6-8 Weeks


  • Acrylic
    Water resistant or full water proof - View here


  • Custom fit customised to your setup

Product Specifications

Straight Drop Awning crank drive

  • Minimum Width 3000mm
  • Minimum Projection 1850mm
  • Maximum Width 6000mm (Motorised)
  • Maximum Projection 65% of Awning width

Example 4500mm wide awning can have maximum projection of 3000mm. (4500mm x 65% = 2925mm)