Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

When it comes to achieving the perfect balance of privacy and light control, Venetian blinds are the practical choice for your windows. With their simplicity and versatility, they effortlessly elevate any space, whether you prefer a modern aesthetic or a timeless look.

PVC Venetian Blinds

Available in 50mm and 63mm sizes, these blinds are ideal for every area of your home, including moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms. Their stylish design is coupled with moisture resistance, ensuring durability and making them an appropriate choice for the Illawarra coastal conditions.

5/10 Light Block Score

Venetian Blinds

5/10 Light Block Score

Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetians

Available in 50mm and 63mm sizes, these blinds offer a touch of natural elegance to your windows. The lighter material is perfect for larger windows, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose from a spectrum of colour options, including light-medium and medium-dark timber for Cedar options, or white, nutmeg, vanilla, and golden oak for Basswood.

Aluminium Venetians

Available in 25mm and 50mm sizes, these blinds are the epitome of durability and contemporary design. Perfect for offices and spaces exposed to the elements, they offer sleek style and lasting functionality.

Select your preferred hue from a diverse range of neutrals, pastels, and striking metallic tones, with finishes including Satin, Gloss, Matte, Brushed, and Pearled.

5/10 Light Block Score

Venetian Blinds

Product Information


  • Hold down clips
  • Blade sizes 50mm & 63mm for PVC and Timber
  • 25mm and 55mm for aluminium

Production Timeframe

3-5 Weeks


  • Reveal fit inside the window frame
  • Face fit fitted to the architrave or wall
  • Door Mounted

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Width 2400mm
  • Minimum Width 300mm
  • Maximum Drop 2500mm
  • Side Gaps 10mm
  • Bottom Gap 10mm
  • Gap Between Blinds when split 15mm