Why Choose Roller Shutters?

At Bella, Roller-Shutters have quickly become one of our more in-demand products. Offering a comprehensive privacy, security and light control solution in today's age where these factors are paramount it’s not hard to see why. In Wollongong, where many households are striving to reduce costs, these shutters have been proven by the National Housing Energy Rating Software to save up to 30% on annual heating and cooling energy bills. Specifically, North and South-facing homes are likely to save up to 27%, while East and West-facing homes can save up to 34%.

Bella’s Roller Shutters serve as a powerful visual deterrent, enhancing the security of your property. Additionally, they have been demonstrated to reduce noise by up to 75%, making them ideal for homes and businesses situated on busy roads, especially in the Illawarra region where road traffic is increasing.

Furthermore, Roller Shutters offer excellent temperature and light control, contributing to enhanced sleep quality. According to the Sleep Foundation, light is the most critical factor affecting sleep, making our Roller Shutters a valuable addition to any bedroom or living space. Experience the benefits of enhanced security, noise reduction, and improved comfort with Bella’s Roller Shutters.

These Australian-made and designed shutters provide:

  • Storm and bushfire protection
  • Enhanced security for peace of mind
  • Convenient control from inside your home
  • Stringent quality control and testing
  • Excellent light and airflow control
Roller Shutters

Product Information


  • Automated


We can customise

  • Colour


4-6 Weeks


  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Bushfire

Product Specifications

  • Minimum Width AR17 Domestic - 630mm
    AR32 Commercial - 800mm
    SAR32 Heavy Commercial - 800mm
  • Maximum Width AR17 Domestic - 3400mm
    AR32 Commercial - 4200mm
    SAR32 Heavy Commercial - 4500mm
  • Maximum Height AR17Domestic - 3000mm
    AR32 Commercial - 3450mm
    SAR32 Heavy Commercial - 3900mm
  • Maximum Surface Area AR17 Domestic - 8m2
    AR32 Commercial - 10m2
    SAR32 Heavy Commercial - 11.5m2