Why Choose Verishades?

Experience the latest design trend in window furnishings with Bella Shades - Veri Shades®, the premier supplier in the Illawarra region. Offering a modern blend of elegance and functionality, Veri Shades® elevate your living spaces with their unique design. Control light levels and privacy with ease as you walk through the individual fabric vanes, enjoying seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Ideal for contemporary interiors, Veri Shades® make a stylish statement with their elegant vertical design. Choose Bella Shades - Veri Shades® for the perfect balance of form and function, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in window furnishings.

5/10 Light Block Score


Product Information


  • Wand


We can customise:

  • Fabrics View Here
  • Hardware Colours White birch, White, Black, Grey
  • Stack options based on where the window opening is Left, Right, Split or Centre

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3-4 Weeks


  • Blockout No light will pass through the fabric, great for bedrooms.
  • Light filtering This allows natural filtered light in, great for living areas.

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  • Reveal fit inside the window frame
  • Face fit fitted to the architrave or wall

Product Specifications

  • Warranty (2 year manufacturers warranty)