Caring for Your Awnings

Your fabric awnings are designed to provide shade and enhance your outdoor space. To ensure they last and look their best, follow these simple care and maintenance steps:

  1. Be Mindful of Weather: Fabric awnings are not built to withstand extreme weather conditions. It's essential to roll them up during windy or stormy weather to prevent damage.
  2. Cleaning Guidelines: Consult the care and maintenance instructions provided by our fabric suppliers for specific cleaning guidance tailored to the fabric.

Using Your Awnings

Spring-Operated Awnings:
When raising or lowering the awning, always grasp the centre of the bottom rail. If needed, use a boat hook for better reach.

Auto Lock Awnings:
To lower the awning, pull the bottom rail down to your desired position. To retract it, pull the bottom rail down and inwards to release the arm lock, which will securely hold it in place.

Straight Drop Awnings:
To lower, pull the awning down to the desired height. Use snap hooks or straps to secure it. Before manually raising the awning, release the snap hooks or straps.

Drop Awnings:
Before rolling up the awning using a rope, motor, or gear mechanism, ensure that any straps are released. To comply with Australian child safety regulations, wrap ropes around cleats to prevent entanglement. When the awning is lowered, it's advisable to secure it with straps or clips to avoid damage.

Pivot Arm Awnings:
Use ropes, gears, or motors to raise and lower the awning. When lowering, be sure not to let the fabric become too loose. If using ropes or tape (without a winder box), wrap them around cleats to lock the awning in place.

Side Channel Awnings (Zipscreen):
Utilise gear or a motor for operation. Lower the awning to your preferred position and secure the bottom rail with the provided pins if it's spring-operated. Always ensure the pins are completely disengaged before rolling up the awning. If using the gear, lower it to your preferred position, and you're done. For motorised awnings, lower them to the desired position and press the stop button, or let the blind automatically stop at the top and bottom limits set.

Motorised Awnings:
When operating motorised awnings, ensure no obstructions are in the way. If the fabric jams in the channels due to wind, be ready to press the stop button. Once the fabric drops slightly, you can continue lowering the blind. Always press stop before changing the direction.