Maximum single Panel Width

  • Basswood - 950mm
  • Cedar - 1150mm
  • PVC - 750mm
    Note can extend to 900mm however panels will rest on frame when closed due to weight

Maximum Single Panel Height

  • Basswood - 2900mm
  • Cedar - 2900mm
  • PVC - 2050mm

Midrail requirements

  • Basswood - over 1800mm require 1 x Midrail
  • Cedar - over 1800mm high require 1 x Midrail
  • PVC - over 1600mm high require 1 x Midrail
  • Basswood - over 2300mm require 2 x Midrails
  • Cedar - over 2300mm high require 2 x Midrails
  • PVC - over 2000mm high require 2 x Midrails
  • Basswood - over 2600mm require 3 x Midrails
  • Cedar - over 2600mm high require 3 x Midrails

Clearance Gaps moving parts

Between Panel and Frame Hinged

  • Sides - 4mm
  • Top gap - 3-7mm (varies on window squareness)
  • Bottom Gap - 3-7mm (varies on window squareness)

Between Panel and track Sliding

  • Top - 25mm
  • Bottom - 13mm

Between Blades when closed
Note this is more noticeable when looking down from above as this is the opposite way that the blades overlap

Between Blade and Panel

Clearance gaps between Shutter frame and Window opening when fitted inside reveal
4mm from the smallest opening

Important note

Window opening sizes will vary between 3-15mm from one side to the other due to sagging warping and poor window installation, this will create gaps that are inconsistent between shutter frame and window frame of 4-19mm due to the fact our shutters are perfectly square.

In most cases our professional installers can seal these gaps leaving a clean seamless finish when looking at the shutters from inside your home however when standing outside your home these gaps will remain noticeable.