Vertical Blinds

Taking care of your vertical blinds is easy, and these simple guidelines will help you maintain them effortlessly:

  1. Open Blades First: Before drawing your blinds, ensure that the blades are open. This will prevent any issues.
  2. Proper Stacking: When you're not using your blinds, stack them away from the open window. This prevents the blades from flapping around in the breeze.
  3. Use Cord or Wand: Always use the cord or wand mechanism to draw and tilt the blades. Don't attempt to do it by hand.
  4. Resync Blades: If the blades get out of sync, follow these steps: Fully close the blades, then continue rotating the chain until you hear the clutch mechanism engage. Rotate the blades 180º in the opposite direction, and they should realign when opened to 90º.
  5. Child Safety: Always secure the control chain and cord to the wall using the Child Safety Clip.
  6. Lubrication: Keep your blinds running smoothly by spraying Silicone Spray inside the track once or twice a year.

Roller Blinds

Taking care of roller blinds is straightforward. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Chain Operation: If your blinds are chain-operated, raise and lower them using the chain only.
  2. Motorised Blinds: For motorised blinds, use the remote control provided.
  3. Child Safety: Attach the chains to the wall using the Child Safety Clip.
  4. Avoid Obstructing Open Windows: To prevent damage to the fabric and maintain your warranty, avoid leaving the blinds down in front of an open window.

Venetian Blinds

Maintaining Venetian blinds is a breeze with these tips:

  1. Rotating Slats: Use the cord to rotate the blind slats to the open position before lifting.
  2. Raising and Lowering: When raising the blind, grab all cords on the lift mechanism together. To lower, grab all cords and jolt them slightly to the inner side of the blind.
  3. Hold-Down Brackets: If hold-down brackets are installed, clip the bottom rail into them to stabilise the blind in windy conditions. Remember to disengage them before raising the blinds.
  4. Child Safety: Always cleat the cords to keep them out of children's reach.
  5. Handle with Care: Avoid forcing the blades apart with your hands to reach window locks or handles, as this could damage the blinds.

Roman Blinds

Caring for Roman blinds is simple with these instructions:

  1. Cord Operation: To lower or raise the blind, grab the cord and jolt it to release or engage the lock. Remember to cleat the cord when the blind is raised.
  2. Chain Operation: For chain-operated blinds, rotate the chain to raise or lower the blind as needed. Attach the chain to the wall or recess using a Child Safety clip.

Panel Glides

Maintain your panel glides easily with these tips:

  1. Use the Wand: Always use the wand to glide the panels to the desired open or closed position. Avoid grabbing the fabric.
  2. Lubrication: Keep the track in good condition by spraying Silicone Spray inside it once or twice a year.
  3. Cleaning: For surface dust, use a gentle brush, feather duster, or a clean dry cloth. For spot cleaning, dab the fabric with a sponge and lukewarm water. Stubborn marks can be gently treated with mild detergent and a clean cloth, or a white magic sponge or art gum rubber for small marks.


To keep your Veri Shades looking their best, follow these simple cleaning guidelines:

  1. Dust Removal: Use a clean, soft brush or feather duster to gently remove surface dust.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Due to fabric variations, it's wise to spot clean a small test area first.
  3. Hand Washing and Drying: Lightly hand wash the Veri Shades fabric and allow it to dry naturally.
  4. Ironing or Steaming: Smooth out creases with a cool iron or by steaming the fabric.
  5. Blade Removal: Easily remove Veri Shade blades by lifting them up and out.
  6. Track Cleaning: Keep tracks dust-free using a feather duster or a slightly damp microfiber cloth.
  7. Lubrication: Apply silicone spray at least twice a year to lubricate track gears. Ensure the fabric is moved aside to prevent overspray.
  8. Chemical Caution: Avoid harsh cloths, abrasives, chlorine, or ammonia-based cleaners to protect the appearance and warranty. If using insecticides or chemicals, move the fabric aside to prevent contact with the blinds.